Paralympic medal for Karazin University


Maryna Lytovchenko, champion of the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games (Tokyo), master of sports of Ukraine of international class, former student of the Faculty of Sociology, shared how she dared to sell the medal and who helped in this. "I read the news about Russian rockets flying over university buildings, about how teachers held classes in basements and how students stayed in dormitories...
In those moments, I really wanted to help in some way and I thought about selling the Paralympic medal", – such thoughts became the beginning of a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the university.
Maryna shared this noble idea with the dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Olena Muradyan, because her native faculty always supports her in all her plans. At the same time, the idea arose to try to implement a wider project and go beyond charity sales: a post was created on Facebook and Instagram, which described the initiative and the desire to help the university.
This initiative was also taken up by Serhiy Vasiliev, the founder and developer of the well-known startup "TenniRobo". An offer to register on the famous American charity platform GoFundMe, which allows people to raise funds for various purposes.
Evgeniy Veger, Kateryna Zubkovska, Dmytro Ovcharov, Petro Kautsky, Trevor Hirts also joined the project. Thank you very much for your support and significant contribution.

So the idea of ​​selling the medal transformed into the idea of ​​raising funds to help the university and university people.
In the framework of this collection, various events were initiated, thanks to which the first part of the amount was 220,000 UAH, and later the second in size 6 500$ was transferred to the account of the fund, the main of which are the following:

1. Meeting at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. With the support of Kateryna Zubkovska and Veronika Mistrov.
2. Charity raffle of a t-shirt from Dmytro Ovcharov, bronze medalist of the 2012 and 2020 Olympic Games.
3. Holding a table tennis tournament in Prague (Czech Republic). With the support of tennis club SF SKK "El Niňo Praha" and coach Petr Kaucký.
4. Meeting with American students. With the support of Kateryna Zubkovska and Tetyana Zimakova.
5. Holding a table tennis tournament in Melbourne (Australia). The organizers of the event are Trevor Hirth and the sports club "Coburg TTC".
We are sincerely grateful for such incredible support in a difficult time for every Ukrainian. Thank you for your help and understanding.

The last two parts of this story were about a long road filled with events, which the main idea was to collect funds for Karazin from people who want to help.

On this path, the champion of the Summer Paralympic Games, Maryna Lytovchenko went together with her friends, graduates and representatives of the Faculty of Sociology, who helped with donations, advice and support.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who joined and supported this incredible initiative to restore Karazin University.These are Maryna Lytovchenko, Olena Muradyan, Serhii Vasiliev, Yevhen Veger, Kateryna Zubkovska, Dmytro Ovcharov, Petro Kautsky, Trevor Hirts and all the others. Thank you very much for your help in this difficult time.

220,000 hryvnias and $6,500 were transferred to the fund's account through general efforts. This is a significant amount that will help us achieve our common goal – to rebuild Karazin University.

We believe in Victory, we believe in the Armed Forces!