Now the foundation's greatest attention is focused on these projects

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    Supporting Karazin employees and students

    Funds are planned to be used for:● providing humanitarian aid (food, household chemicals, clothes, etc.);● searching for and providing with temporary housing;● providing equipment necessary for educational process (if available);● covering other important necessities according to applications.

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    Funds are planned to be used for:
    ● purchasing 500 laptops for the University’s lecturers and employees;
    ● opening Data-center for preserving and processing data;
    ● reconstructing data transfer intranet for providing speedy and reliable access to the Internet for the University’s departments;
    ● providing communication channels between the University’s buildings and hostels.

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    A safe space

    Funds are planned to be raised for: ● support for repair work in shelters for students, teachers and employees during shelling; ● supplementation of shelter premises with places to sit (lie down), containers for drinking water, portable tanks, reserve artificial lighting, etc.; ● updating and strengthening university-wide notification systems and communication between shelters and civil defense headquarters.

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    Support of the Central Scientific Library and museum funds

    For the restoration of the building, which is a monument of architecture and urban planning, funds will be raised for:
    ● reconstruction of the facade;
    ● roof repair;
    ● replacement of windows in premises;
    ● stained-glass restoration;
    ● restoration of sections of the heating system;
    ● preservation of tens of thousands of unique editions.

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    Restoration of the University clinic

    The charity project is aimed at restoring the clinic of the Kharkiv National University, which was created in 2018 on the basis of medical unit №13.

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    Support of physics and astronomy

    The direction of support contributes to:● scientific research organizations;● dissemination of scientific publications in authoritative publications indexed by leading scientometrics databases (SCOPUS, Web of science, etc.);● providing support in the form of scholarships to the most outstanding scientists.

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    Preservation of botanical garden collection

    The project is aimed at:● repair of damaged greenhouses and heat and energy supply systems, irrigation;● purchase of diesel fuel for generator operation;● reconstruction of structures and racks, etc.

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    Restoration of the building of the educational and scientific institute "Institute of Public Administration"

    Funds will be raised for: ● reconstruction of the facade; ● roof repair; ● restoration of classrooms and corridors; ● purchase of necessary equipment and furniture; ● carrying out repair works of heating and lighting systems;● installation of windows, etc.