Supporting Karazin employees and students

Project description

A lot of Karazin University students found themselves in dire straits and thus cannot be fully engaged in education process. Many of them saw death, the loss of their native homes, separation with family members. Some students and employees still remain in less than human conditions on the temporarily occupied territories. Because of the threat to their lives, a lot of Karazin employees and students were forced to flee to other regions of Ukraine or abroad.
Students have always been our priority when speaking about the University’s development and transformation. Since the University’s education has always been student-centered, we cannot leave our students alone with their problems today either.


Our instructors and professors need help as well. Despite all the difficulties they continue to teach their students in different situations and conditions. They also keep on writing research papers, articles and monographs, holding scientific conferences, motivating and encouraging students to write their own research papers, to attend conferences, to search for exchange opportunities and internships.

Funds are intended to:

    provide humanitarian aid (food, personal hygiene items, clothes, etc.);

    search for with temporary housing;

    provide equipment necessary for educational process (if available);

    covering other needs based on the applications received.

500 mln UAH | 3 years

In case of the project’s non-implementation, the funds will be accumulated and spent for the University’s needs in accordance with its appeals.All the funds are charitable contributions and are not subject to return.