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The Foundation Mission is to facilitate the protection of scientific, academic, and spiritual achievements of Karazin University, to preserve Ukraine’s intellectual potential and to bring its victory over the Russian aggressor closer.

Funds accumulated

Thank you for your current and future support!


10 000 000 of 500 000 000 UAH

“Education despite the war” is the University’s mission amidst the ongoing war

Karazin University is under super-tough conditions. Kharkiv has been extremely affected by the war. Since its beginning, 25% of the University’s premises have been destroyed. Not all the students could return to classrooms: some found themselves on the temporarily occupied territories, others decided to put their education on halt, and some others left Ukraine for good. But almost 85% of the student body continues their studies online from all over the world despite the difficulties and barriers. They stay with the University and they already are part of its history!


Address Of The University Rector

Greetings to everyone concerned with the fate of Karazin University!

Karazin University is a symbol of the hero city of Kharkiv, a world-recognized Ukrainian university brand, and a center of education, science and enlightenment. It has been functioning under constant shelling since the first days of the war. Destroyed buildings, windows broken by explosions, damaged scientific and educational equipment... All of this resonates with pain in the hearts of Karazin community members, for whom the alma mater is a part of personal and common history bringing together all of us in one big family.
Karazin University is not just buildings, but also incredible people who are its truly indestructible foundation. Instructors, researchers, staff, undergraduate and graduate students – all of them are the University. The people who need support in the dramatic realities of war.

We do our best to preserve the university and its community. Yet we are already thinking about the future, about recovery and development. We realize that the post-war revival of Kharkiv and Ukraine will begin precisely from schools and universities, from the life environment of Ukrainian youth. Your charitable help and support is your investment in their future. Your donations and good deeds are contributions to the restoration and development of the university, which will be useful for the new, post-war Ukraine.

Join the great history of Karazin University! Karazin University: with the future in mind, with Ukraine in its heart!

President, Professor Tetyana Kaganovska

Every contribution is important!

Help defend everything Karazin University has created and protected for several centuries

Current fields of work

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Supporting Karazin students and staff

Funds are intended to cover:● providing humanitarian aid (food, personal hygiene items, clothes, etc.);● searching for and providing with temporary housing;● targeted financial aid for medical treatment and medication;● providing equipment necessary for learning (if available);● covering other important needs according to applications received.

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Science and Technology


Funds are intended to cover:● opening a Data-center for preserving and processing data;● improving data transfer intranet to provide speedy and reliable access to the Internet for the University’s departments;● maintaining communication channels between the University’s buildings and dormitories.

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A safe space

Funds are intended to cover:
● support for repair works in bomb shelters for students, faculty and staff;
● providing the shelters with places to sit (lie down), drinking water tanks, portable water containers, emergency lightning etc.;
● updating and maintaining the university-wide notification system and communications between shelters and civil defense headquarters.

Supporting Karazin employees since the first days of the war

We established Humanitarian Headquarters to provide urgent assistance to students, scholars and their families.

over 6 000 

people were evacuated

484 990 UAH

of financial aid from the Trade Union of Students, PhD and Doctoral Students

1460 families

received humanitarian aid (food, personal hygiene means, clothes)

100 people

received medicines

10 people

were assisted in their search for relatives whose connection was lost with

780 people

received information and consultation assistance


We work on the principles of openness and transparency for society. All expense reports can be viewed in the "Projects" section

As part of cooperation with the USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine", the Karazin Charitable Foundation conducted a promotional campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to popularize the idea of restoring Karazin University among graduates working in more than 50 countries around the world.
Some facts about our work: — reached 834,823 users on Facebook and Instagram, 301,463 on YouTube (of which 331 went to the site); — 357,479 promo views on YouTube; — received donations in the amount of UAH 240,000. (ROI 101%) – incredible; — expanded the fund's communities on Facebook and Instagram social networks: 7,200 interactions from around the world, 500 comments and 5,000 reactions; — 20,000+ unique visitors to your site.
We thank our partners for their support and belief in the possibility of restoring Karazin University according to the principle "We will rebuild better than it was". Together to victory.

Modern microscopes SZM45V2 and Microscope with a TFT display SUNSHINE SZMM45-B1 help biology students to explore the world.

Many thanks to Russ Chelak, Karen Chelak, the Ukrainian National Women's League of America, and Olena Muradyan for coordinating this project.
We are proud of the fact that there are always people who care, and whose noble deeds help those who want to reach their dreams!

A new monument now stands on the grave of the brave defender Myroslav Mysla, a graduate of the Karazin University!

The Hero's grave was destroyed by the enemy during the occupation of the Volokhov Yar of the Balaklia community. This act of vandalism is a testimony to the indomitable will of our hero and his important contribution to the defense of our land.
With the support of the Charitable Foundation of the Karazin University and the help of many patrons, it was possible to restore the monument. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined the effort. This initiative is an example of uniting around common values and memory of heroic deeds.
May the new monument to Myroslav Mysla always remind us of his courage, devotion and significant contribution to the history of the Motherland!

Installation of a Solar Power Station at the Institute of Astronomy

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the solar power station installation project at the Institute of Astronomy. This project was finalized in June 2023.
As part of this endeavor, a total of 60 solar panels equipped with cutting-edge technologies have been installed to efficiently harness solar energy. These solar panels are capable of generating 25000W of electrical power, making a significant contribution to meeting the energy needs of the Institute of Astronomy.
In a short span of usage, the power station has already generated and utilized 2,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity. This notable achievement underscores the efficiency and promise of harnessing solar energy.
This initiative not only aligns with our commitment to sustainable development but also exemplifies our dedication to advancing environmentally-friendly energy solutions at our institution.

"Karazin Hub" Safe Space Equipment

We are pleased to announce the successful setup of the "Karazin Hub" safe space. The aim of establishing the hub is to provide a secure and comfortable environment for up to 70 persons, including university students and staff, in the case of air raid alerts or extreme circumstances.
Key Features:- Powerful Wi-Fi has been installed to enable users to communicate with their families and access vital information even during crisis situations;- Starlink technology has been used to ensure reliable Internet connection, allowing communication with the outside world even during potential disruptions with regular Internet services;- Robust generators have been provided to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the hub and all its devices, even in the event of a central power outage;- Basic medical supplies have been equipped to provide first aid or immediate assistance in case of medical emergencies;- Autonomous lighting and charging stations for electronic devices have been installed.

Report of the humanitarian headquarters

More than 1,000 people have been evacuated;100,000 hryvnias of material assistance;440 people received food and hygiene products;60 people received medicine;50 people with questions about providing information

Stories of the people of Karazin University 

Strong in spirit, unbreakable and unconquered

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Olympic medal in support of the university

Alumni Maryna Lytovchenko

Maryna Lytovchenko, master of sports of Ukraine of international class in table tennis, champion of the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games, winner of the 2018 World Championship, held an auction for the sale of her gold medal, the proceeds of which will go to support the university.

Every contribution is important!

Help defend everything Karazin University has created and protected for several centuries

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees is the Foundation’s advisory, consultative, and representational body, whose work is aimed at coordinating the Foundation’s activities and raising its efficiency. Board of Trustees consists of renowned representatives of science, education, culture, public figures from Ukraine, the USA, Italy, France, and Poland, who support Karazin University, care for its future, restoration and further development. Members of the Board of Trustees represent scientific and educational establishments, public organizations of Ukraine, the USA, Italy, France and Poland. They provide consultative, methodological, and representational assistance to the Foundation’s projects.


Anatoliy Zahorodniy

President of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences, Academician of NAS, Corresponding Member of European Academy of Sciencesm Arts, and Literature


Vil Bakirov

Academician of Ukraine’s NAS, Corresponding Member of Ukraine’s Academy of pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor


Yaroslav Yatskiv

Academician of Ukraine’s NAS, Director of the Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine’s NAS


Taras Finikov

President of the International Fund of Researching Education Policy, Professor, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2009–2010)


Heorhii Dubynskyi

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, graduate of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Massimo Capaccioli

Professor of Astronomy at the Naples University Federico II, President of Italian Astronomy Society


Yevhen Golovakha

Director of the Institute of Sociology of Ukraine’s NAS, Corresponding Member of Ukraine’s NAS


Leszek Korporowicz

Professor of the School of International Relations of Yagellonian University (Krakow)


Maryna Lytovchenko

Champion of Summer Paralympic Games 2020 (Tokyo)


Philippe Lahire

University Cote d'Azur (France), Professor, Vice President on Digital Transformation


Alya Guseva

Associated Professor at Boston University (USA), graduate of Karazin University


Rubino Bruno

University of L'Aquila (Italy), Professorm Vice-Rector on International Affairs


Jessica Pisano

Professor of Politics at The New School for Social Research in New York City, and an associate of the Davis Center at Harvard University. Her work about Ukrainian and American politics has appeared in Politico and The Washington Post


Serhiy Zhadan

Ukrainian writer, poet, translator, musician, public activist. Laureate of Vasyl Stus Prize



String trio "Semplice" held a charity concert in support of Karazinsky

1 September, 2022

On August 28, 2022, the string trio "Semplice" held a charity concert in Kharkiv, on the basis of the Karazin University. The trio consists of Kharkiv musicians, in particular Tetyana Bogatyreva, the conductor of the university orchestra Karazin Orchestra.


Data DeployYASO “Slobozhansky”

8 June, 2022

“Solidarity with Ukraine” – this is the motto under which the Orchestra’s first concert took place at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Music Center in the town of Luslawice.

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