Project description

In war conditions, all the University’s activities – educational, scientific and administrative – can only be carried out due to the modern digital infrastructure.
That is why, because of the missile attacks and subsequent interruption of electricity supply the work of the University was paralyzed for almost a month. Today, when our students and teachers are scattered all over the world the University needs to provide for the functioning of all administrative, financial, scientific and educational processes, documentation turnover , information resources and communication in a digital mode. Unfortunately, the current state of the University’s digital infrastructure is outdated, unreliable and it does not correspond to the wartime security requirements.
That is why the center for developing the University’s digital infrastructure has proposed a number of measures to ensure the University’s stable work in war conditions.


Funds are planned to be used for:

    opening a Data-center to preserve and process data;

    reconstructing data transfer intranet to provide speedy and reliable access to the Internet for the University’s departments;

    providing communication channels between the University’s buildings and dormitories.

500 mln UAH | 3 years

In case of the project’s non-implementation, the funds will be accumulated and spent for the University’s needs in accordance with its appeals.All the funds are charitable contributions and are not subject to return.