Support of the Central Scientific Library and museum funds

Description of the project

The charity project is aimed at restoring the building of the Central Scientific Library of V.N. Kharkiv National University, where 550,000 rare editions and manuscript books are stored, located in the heart of the city on the street, Universitetska, 23.
For the restoration of the building, which is a monument of architecture and urban planning, funds will be raised for:● reconstruction of the facade;● roof repair;● replacement of windows in premises;● stained-glass restoration;● restoration of sections of the heating system;● preservation of tens of thousands of unique editions.


Together, we must preserve the educational heritage of the university for future generations of the educational community.

In case of non-implementation of the project, the funds will be accumulated and spent on the needs of the university, according to their appeals. All funds are charitable contributions: non-refundable.