International Student Day at Karazin University: 50,000 UAH for the restoration of alma mater.


Traditionally, International Student Day comes on the birthday of Karazin University. This beloved holiday brings together everyone pursuing higher education, transcending time and space, inspiring students for new achievements, and fostering university community spirit.

This has always been the case. International Student Day at Karazin University is celebrated with a series of events throughout the day. Students and professors relax in the campus halls and Freedom Square, hosting a genuine festival, dancing to music. Many of them conclude this day by getting souvenirs from the Trade Union, and the air is filled with the aroma of delicious treats.

The cherry on top of the celebration is the Alma Mater gala concert, where artists and students create an unforgettable atmosphere of joy and happy memories together. The Trade Union team generously gives sweet prizes for each faculty/institute, and winners are awarded with cakes. After a short intermission, the celebration goes on at the "Misto" Recreation Center, where thousands of Karazins celebrate the most important student event.

This has always been the case, but last year fate gave us a challenge. War came to our country and destroyed the walls of many places where Karazin students were once happy. However, even in these challenging times, our university community spirit remains unbroken. In November 2022, the student, graduate, and doctoral Trade union committee of the university made a decision that demonstrates true solidarity and dedication to our Alma Mater. They decided to allocate the entire planned budget for the celebration of International Student Day and the University's Birthday, totaling 50,000 UAH, to the Karazin Foundation.

This decision became a symbol of resilience and a confirmation of the importance of university legacy. Together, we stand in defense of our traditions and our Alma Mater. The joint efforts of our students, professors, and other donors will allow us to restore the spirit and atmosphere that have always been an integral part of our university.

Thus, International Student Day at Karazin University takes on new meaning – it is a celebration of restoration, shared responsibility, and pride. Together, we support our alma mater, rejuvenating the noble spirit that has always distinguished our beloved institution.