Olympic medal in support of the university

Maryna Lytovchenko, master of sports of Ukraine of international class in table tennis, champion of the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games, winner of the 2018 World Championship, held an auction for the sale of her gold medal, the proceeds of which will go to support the university.


President of the university Tetiana Kaganovska and Paralympic champion Maryna Lytovchenko

From the very beginning of the invasion of Russian troops, Marina actively supported her university, holding charity events and attracting the efforts of world-class athletes to support Karazin University. To date, the famous athlete has managed to collect about 14,000 dollars in total.
The girl appreciates this Olympic medal the most, because she won it in a game with a Russian.

"Marina acted in a way that probably few people could. She developed a clear plan: dozens of events, speeches and interviews. Of course, we understood that in the conditions when a lot of educational institutions were affected in the country, when our army, medical field, vulnerable groups of the population need help, it is extremely difficult to find the necessary feedback and get help for this purpose. But Marina manages to do it. These are very significant results. Because she acts sincerely and understands why she does it," says Olena Muradyan, dean of the Faculty of Sociology.
We wish Maryna further sporting success in support of Karazin University!
Let's be proud that the university educates People with a capital letter!