Charity collection for the support of students of the Faculty of Sociology

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    "We have more than nine hundred students. There are many people who need various kinds of help. In this difficult time, graduates, students, colleagues, and friends responded. We made a list of those students who most needed our attention. These are students, most of whom are currently in Kharkiv in really difficult financial and material conditions."
    Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Olena Muradyan

On June 18, 2022, on her birthday, the dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Olena Muradyan, announced a charity fundraiser to support students and employees of her native faculty.
The sociologist was inspired to launch a charity event by the example of Maryna Lytovchenko, as well as the awareness of the need to help 900 students of the faculty.
Thanks to this initiative, the manager was able to collect almost 62,000 hryvnias, which were directed to the support of 16 students of the Faculty of Sociology who found themselves in difficult life circumstances. The other part of the amount was directed to the account of the Association of Alumni, Teachers and Friends of the University to help the employees of the University. According to Olena Serhiivna, not only the graduates of the faculty, but also the students themselves actively joined the action.
"We have to help those who need it. This is an axiom for me. Even one small good deed of help can create a certain chain reaction like the "butterfly effect", says Olena Serhiivna.
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