Serhiy Zhadan donated UAH 500 000

"I will still earn money, and the university is the heart of the city, it should beat steadily"

Serhiy Viktorovych Zhadan, Ukrainian writer, honorary doctor of the Karazin University, member of the Board of Trustees of the Karazin Charitable Foundation.


President of the university Tetiana Kaganovska and Serhiy Zhadan

On December 24, 2022, a significant sum of 500,000 hryvnias was deposited into the fund's account. The sender of this donation was Serhiy Zhadan, a well-known Ukrainian poet and public figure, an honorary doctor of the Karazin University and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Karazin Charitable Foundation. This significant sum of money came from the activist's own possessions and was collected during performances at the October Palace and the concert "Zhadan and Sobaky" in Frankfurt am Oder. Among the supporters of Serhiy Zhadan there are many people with different hobbies, but they all have one thing in common – the choice in favour of education and science, and financial support is now quite important, both for the benefit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for the benefit of other industries important for the development.

The argument of the noble act was also the main goal: to preserve and support the Central Scientific Library of the Karazin University, which is located in the centre of Kharkiv in a well-known historical building. One of the oldest national book collections, where there are rare editions and manuscript books... All due to the fact that during one of the enemy attacks, the facade of the cultural monument was damaged, the glass was broken, many important examples of literature were damaged. The need for protection and support has become more urgent than ever, and we are very pleased to see compassion and understanding, determination in words and deeds for the sake of our beautiful future.

Such a story was once again able to illustrate the essence and indomitability of the Ukrainian people, their readiness to care for cultural heritage, demonstrate their integrity and readiness to defend the educational front, which is mercilessly destroyed by the кussian side. Therefore, we would like to sincerely thank the benefactor, a true native of Kharkiv, an artist and a Person with a capital letter for his initiative and support. It is thanks to activists like you that we will be able to preserve and increase the potential of Karazin University, we are indomitable and have a glorious future. Thank you, we are proud and admire your sensitivity!

Everything will be Ukraine, everything will be unbreakable education!